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Maintenance Technician

Sumter, SC

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Job Responsibilities:

•Troubleshooting skills in all aspects of mechanical equipment including but not limited to hydraulics, pneumatics, low and high level voltage / power, PLC logic, electrical circuits and troubleshooting skills.

•Repair skills in electrical, mechanical and related equipment with technical proficiency in several of the following: welding, machining, sheet and structural metal fabrication, and pipe fitting.

•General knowledge of electricity and electronics with understanding of National Electric Code and good electrical installation practices.

•Practical knowledge of and ability to troubleshoot low and high voltage - DC.; low and high voltage - single and polyphase AC circuits; all related equipment both power and logic.

•Able to interpret PLC logic as it relates to its application to process and packaging equipment for troubleshooting purposes.

•Familiarity with a wide variety of input/output devices that may be connected to a process.

•Basic personal computer skills.

•Ability to operate equipment such as forklift and personnel lifts, etc.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements: 

  • 2 years minimum experience in maintenance related field
  • Documented skill development through class work or equivalent in maintenance or engineering related fields
  • Math, analytical, planning and operations/method analysis skills
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs, Push and Pull 100 lbs
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