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Schoolcraft, MI

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Do you have a strong attention to detail and a desire to ensure products retain the highest quality standards? If so, apply to this grinding position! You’ll be inspecting products as they come out of the machinery, removing any defective pieces and providing the finishing touches!

Duties Include:

  • Inspect machinery and workpieces to ensure that they remain compliant with specifications to reduce any malfunctions and associated loss of production.
  • Ensure grinding wheels are dressed according to specifications so that the machines remain at peak working capability.
  • Stop any machines upon discovery of a problem and make the required adjustments as quickly as possible to minimize downtime.
  • Provide quality control by inspecting workpieces as they come out of the equipment and removing any defective pieces.
  • Operate machinery, including polishing and grinding equipment, to grind any metal workpieces to their prescribed specifications to ensure high-quality products.


Pay: $13/HR

Shift: 1st Shift

Job Requirements

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