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Quality Control Technician

Lancaster, PA

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EXPERIENCED Quality Control Tech Needed! 

Job description:

The quality control tech is responsible for testing/inspecting products and comply/evaluate statistical data to determine and maintain the quality and reliability of the products.

Job details:

  • Position will train on 1st shift for 2 weeks, then begin on 2nd shift 
  • Performs periodic weight checks from the production lines to insure proper weight standards are being achieved.
  • Selects products for tests at specified stages in production process, and tests products for variety of qualities such as dimensions, performance, and chemical characteristics.
  • Prepares and sets up daily taste tests of product produced on the line.
  • Upon delivery of product, will inspect and tests raw materials.
  • Dried ingredients--which are a raw material used in our product (carrots, green beans, corn and leeks)--must be inspected for foreign matter prior to being released for production.
  • Will visually inspect "on hold" product. 
  • Records test data, applying statistical quality control procedures. Evaluates data and writes reports to validate or indicate deviations from existing standards.
  • Recommends modifications of existing quality or production standards to achieve optimum quality within limits of equipment capability.
  • Sets up and performs destructive and nondestructive tests on materials, parts, or products to measure performance, life, or material characteristics. Prepares data or enters data into computer for analysis
  • Wash dishes and other kitchenware and put them away
  • Other tasks and duties as assigned 

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Job Requirements


  • 1 year certificate from college or technical school; OR 3-6 months related experience/training
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds unassisted 
  • Ability to stand duration of shift
  • Ability to use basic math and data analysis
  • Must have FLEXIBLE availability 

Required Uniform:

  • Blue/Black work pants--NO jeans, sweat-pants, etc.
  • Plain white t-shirt--NO pockets, buttons, etc.
  • Industrial slip-resistant shoes OR Steel-toes




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