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Machine Assistant

Saint Paul, MN

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Machine Assistant 2nd shift

Hours: Monday-Thursday 4:45 pm- 2:45 am

Pay Rate: $12.00 per hour

Position is responsible for locating the materials/sheets allocated to particular jobs and loading them into the press. The helper will ink up a multiple color press as well as wash up a multiple color press (in the case of offset). Additionally, the helper must hang plates on semi automatic and fully manual plate hanging systems (in the case of offset).

The helper must be flexible in regard to executing and assisting the pressman in a variety of tasks as directed. This operation will provide Post Printing Operations with finished printed sheets for further processing or the Printing Operations (Screen or Litho) partially printed sheets that need additional print runs.

1. Understands the location and function of all emergency stops on the machine.

• Interprets and follows the schedule generated by Printing Manager and/or PrintFlow.

• Identify and obtain sheets for the specific job.

• Identify and obtain correct inks for the specific job.

• Load and unload sheets into various presses.

• Ink up and wash up multi-color presses and/or screen presses.

• Perform functions as prescribed in the daily checklist.

• Adhere to all CPI Audit Security requirements including counting and documenting the disposition of all sheets issued to and from the operation as applicable.

• Prepares the press by mixing and filling fountain solutions (offset only), loading and setting the feeder, hanging plates (offset only) and setting sheet detection and make ready for next job

• Maintains a clean and orderly work environment.

• Keeps materials, supplies, product carts and any other supplies needed stocked in department and notifies Press Manager (or designated personnel) of any inventory order needs.

• Maintains acceptable productivity, quality, service, spoilage, security and safety goals.

• Conducts self in a respectful and professional manner with a focus on teamwork, quality and timeliness at all times.

Other duties as assigned


Job Requirements

High school education or equivalent.

• Solid detail and decision making skills in order to setup equipment check product quality and make adjustments to meet customer deadlines and requirements.

• Solid mechanical aptitude with ability to select and use appropriate equipment, supplies and tools.

• Solid math skills to be able to compute percentages, weights and measures.

• Ability to follow/interpret complex written and oral instructions and specifications

• Must be security and safety oriented.

• Must be reliable through good attendance, punctuality and cooperation.

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