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Food Production/ Potato Hanger

Woodinville, WA

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Reports to: Cook Room Lead/Plant 1

Supervisor Direct Reports: None

Position Summary: A process requiring 2 people of bagging cooked potatoes on a spinning carousel and then placed on potato rack during the cool down phase of the potatoes.

One associate will gather bags from plastic crates and hook each bag onto the carousel allowing potatoes to drop into. The other associate will remove the bag and pull the string to seal the bag tightly and then placed onto racks with designated hooks.The 2 associates will change roles whenever most convenient.


1. Prepare work station for the bag cleaning procedure.

2. Position plastic crates and allow bags to drop into.

3. Neatly stack crates along side western wall for later use.

4. Prepare carousel for bagging potatoes.

5. Place bags onto racks.

6. Reposition racks to fill up both sides.

7. Notify Cook Room Lead of cooked potato quality.

8. Clean work station area at the end of the cooking process. SQF & HARPC


• Maintain a high level of Food Safety and Product Quality through the cleaning of the surrounding work area.

• Prevent cross contamination through proper cleaning of the incline conveyor and carousel. SOPs & SSOPs

Reading List: • cGMPs • GDS Absence of Key Staff: Cook Room Associates/Potato Packaging Associates.

PPE required for position:

1. Hairnet

2. Beard Net (if hair is present)

3. Proper work boots

4. Earmuffs

5. Smock

6. Apron (if applicable)

7. Sleeves (if applicable)

8. Gloves

Job Requirements

No requirements 

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