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Machine Operator

Woodinville, WA

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Reports to: Plant 1 Supervisor

Direct Reports: None

Position Summary: Machine operating and the cutting of potatoes to be bagged and then soaked into sulfite to prevent discoloration.

After the soaking process, each bag of potatoes must be spin-dried before being packaged as a final product.

Additional task includes offloading potatoes from racks into a hopper to be processed.

Responsibilities: Sulfiting Potatoes

1. Chopped potatoes are to be inserted into large potato mesh bags placed within yellow barrels.

2. Mesh bags are then to be tied and inserted into 150-gallon bins filled with water and sulfite mixture.

3. 150-gallon bins drained after each soakage.

Processing A-Red Potatoes

1. The Potato Supplier will provide A-Red potatoes stacked up in plastic black crates on a cart.

2. A-Red potatoes will be processed and cut through a Hershel’s G-Machine to then be placed in mesh bags lining the rim of yellow barrels.

3. Once processed, the A-Reds will begin the Sulfiting procedure.

Processing Yukon Potatoes

1. The potato supplier will provide Yukon potatoes that have been placed into a 1,000 lbs. capacity plastic bin.

2. Yukon Potatoes are to be processed and chopped using a Hershel’s G-Machine.

3. Chopped product will be placed in large mesh bags lining the rim of yellow barrels.

Processing White Whole Peel Potatoes

1. Gather and stack 2 black plastic crates on top of 1 green plastic crate.

2. Position crates next to the west side of the inspection belt.

3. Scoop potatoes into the top crate until full.

4. Pour filled potato crate into a large mesh bag within a yellow food grade barrel.

5. Tie the bag to prevent spillage.

6. Place potato bag into a sulfite bin to soak for at least 45 minutes.

7. Allow to spin dry set to 4-5 minutes. 8. Ready to be packaged.

Drying Potatoes

1. After the sulfite soaking is completed each large mesh bag of potatoes must be dried

2. Large mesh bag potatoes are spun-dried in a designated dryer in the Cook Room.

3. Place dried finished product away

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