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Occupational Health Nurse

Scottsboro, AL

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  • Document employee injuries and illnesses within the work place.
  • Observe and assessing the work environment for potential dangers, injury and illness hazards
  • Provide first aid for minor injuries and ascertain the need for further treatment by a physician in order to minimize the effects of the condition and to decrease the possibility of any long-term disability resulting from said condition
  • Coordinate health care services for injured employees and counsels employees about non-occupational injuries
  • Manage early report of pain/symptom by assessment, employee interview, documentation, and case determination of work relationship and follow up action
  • Conduct pre-employment health and wellness screening of potential employees
  • Counsel employees on physical and mental health issues and guiding them toward appropriate treatment, resources
  • Monitor health status of employees
  • Participate in investigations
  • Conduct research on the effects of hazardous work conditions or workplace exposures, which may include gathering data and reporting findings to leadership team
  • Submit and manage worker's compensation claims. short term disability case management
  • maintain employee medical records
  • Develop and implement disease prevention programs, such as smoking cessation, exercise and healthy eating programs, diabetes and heart health education, preventative screenings
  • Apply best practices and technology as applied to occupational medicine processes in order to improve those processes

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