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Front Desk Admin

Everett, WA

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Front Desk Admin Position! --- APPLY Today!


Great people skills, excellent communication both written and verbal.  


Wonderful fast-paced work environment, Ready, Set, Go!


Here is a quick job description:

*Perform check ins and ensure the clock is accurate

• When door rings, get up and answer door
• Answer the phone, take messages and keep a record of all inquiries
• Help person at door traffic to ResourceMFG or Logistics
• Let associates back inside from lunch/breaks
• Put together Orientation packets (Trifold, Picture Placards, Name Tags, Etc.)
• Collect NDA’s as needed after orientation
• Conduct 48 hr surveys with new starts
• Check and clean lunch room, fridge, and bathrooms as needed
• Greet new associates and help explain how to use timeclock when needed


Selection process
• Phone interview will be held to pre-qualify candidates
• Must be able to provide complete and updated resume upon request (via email or paper)

Job Requirements

Other job requirements
• Strong data entry skills
• Knowledge of excel, word and PowerPoint (Microsoft or Google Docs)
• Web Browsing (Navigate ResourceMFG employee benefits and other resources)
• Be able to be mobile, will have to go up and down stairs
• May stand or sit for long periods of times
• Must be able to work weekends (Schedules may not consist of full weekends)

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