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Sanitation Lead

Grovetown, GA

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• Lead position is expected to make decisions in the absence of the Production Lead and Production Manager relating to work priorities and individual task assignments. • This position is responsible for relieving lines during breaks. • Leads the mid-shift production cleaning crew in nightly sanitation efforts. • Cleaning tasks to include production equipment, floors, ceiling, walls within the production areas. • Follow standard protocols of top-down, dry to wet cleaning for efficiency. • Perform cleaning operations so as not to interfere with manufacturing operations, cross contamination of neighboring equipment, raw materials or stored product. • This position is not responsible for disassembly/reassembly of production equipment machine parts relative to cleaning and sanitizing tasks. • Working knowledge in the proper use of cleaning equipment including steamer, foamer, high pressure washer. • Notify the Maintenance Coordinator and/or Production Manager regarding observed need for mechanical repairs. • Utilize only chemicals, detergents and sanitizers, you have been trained to use. • Review Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for any unfamiliar detergents or sanitizers to be used, to identify possible hazards and appropriate PPEs. (personal protective equipment) • Working knowledge with CIP/cleaning chemicals, (training to be provided). • Verify chemical dilution strengths, particularly for sanitizers. • Record chemicals withdrawn from the chemical cage and keep cage locked when not in active use. • Maintain the work area, organized so not to present safety hazards to self or others. • or food safety cross contact /contamination hazard. • Use of Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) as required by cleaning task. • Preforms required tasks without compromising building security (propping/leaving doors open). • Reports any pest or safety issues observed or reported to you to the QA Manager.

Pay Rate: $15.00 Schedule: Monday - Friday. Some weekends when needed.

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