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Covington, GA

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Qualifications: Must have passed a background check and drug screen prior to arrival at any GMI facility. Must complete safety training prior to beginning work at any GMI facility. Ability to lift 35 lbs. Must be able to stand on feet for as much as 12 hours.

Responsibility: Performs all basic job functions required on the lines in which they are working. Job duties include adding ingredients to the product line, building and/or filling totes (large cardboard containers), restocking corrugated stock onto the automated lines, removing rejects and re-feeding product, rework projects and cleaning.

12 hour shifts - 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM or 6:30 PM to 6:30 AM.

Pay is $10/hour.

Job Requirements


  • Must pass all ResourceMFG testing
  • Must allow a pre-employment Drug Screening
  • Must allow a pre-employment Background Screening
  • Must be able to work overtime, weekends, and some holidays
  • Will be required to rotate with team to opposite shift every 8 weeks
  • Will be required to follow Personal Protective Equipment guidelines
  • Will be required to follow Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines
  • Will be able to wear a bump cap, safety glasses, ear plugs, and hair/beard net(s)
  • Steel Toed shoes are mandatory

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