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Job Information


ResourceMFG is searching for experienced Mechanical Technicians for a client located in Romulus MI! 

2nd shift

Direct Hire

The primary role is to continually monitor production throughput and act accordingly to maintain optimal equipment utilization. Applies technical knowledge in determining equipment malfunctions, and applies skill in restoring equipment operations. Uses software programs and testing equipment to diagnose malfunctions. Applies reliability and maintainability data to determine proactive improvements to production equipment. Performs all work in accordance with established safety procedures, ensures compliance with engineering specifications and/or codes. 


Perform minor cement masonry defined as, floor patching internal to plant

Diagnostic, analysis, trouble shooting of vacuum pumps , chemical feed pumps, Aquatrac chemical controllers for water systems, sand filters, Adams strainers, Harmsco filters, if not part of landlord equipment or service

Complete preventative maintenance tasks for make up air units, supply and exhaust fans.

Repair door hardware such as lock sets, levers and door closers.

Diagnostic, analysis, trouble shooting of production equipment, if solution not found at team level

Fabricate and install hangers, straps, brackets, fixtures, anchors or other supports used in holding of supporting pipe, hose and tubing. (After initial installation)

Repair and install metal guarding. (after initial installation)

Repair and maintain all exhaust equipment used on production machines to include equipment hoods, ducts, stacks, blowers, louvers, squirrel cages, motor, belts, pulleys, bearings, shafts, and impellers. (after initial

Install and remove motors of one horsepower and larger. Unless covered by supplier contract or needs rigging

Install and replace ceiling tiles. (after initial installation)

Install, maintain, and repair valves and regulators for control of vacuum, air, water, and other gases.

Maintain, calibrate and repair helium test equipment

Install, maintain, and repair piping, tubing, hosing, pumps, hose reels, bladders, drinking fountains, pneumatic cylinders, air motors, lubricators, gas or fluid filters, lubricators, strainers, counter balancers, and separators.

Remove and install hydraulic pumps as required. (Pumps to be sent to manufacturer for repair) Install and or relocate all bins, pans, hoppers, tanks, guards, cabinets, lockers, booths, blowers, conveyors, part chutes, baskets, storage racks, ladders, cribs, cribbing metal building structures, guard rails. (after initial

Maintain all conveyor systems. (after initial installation)

Maintain and repair all track, slides, shuttles, turntables, hold downs.

Maintain drive belts, pulleys, drive chains, sprockets, bearings and drive couplings.

Install machine bases, including fabrication and installing reinforcement rods, anchor bolts, and pad removal and repair. (after initial installation) Perform welding, burning and cutting duties as directed

Repair production machine tool equipment in tool room; including maintaining and replacing chains, sprockets, sheaves, pulleys, belts, clutches, and gears as needed Repair pneumatic tools, staple guns, air power hand tools to include grinders, drills, rivet guns, and impacts (if not covered under supplier service or warranty)

Assist if necessary in transport, install, remove, of office equipment.

Will hang signs on production floor.

Will install, maintain, and repair cribbing. (After initial installation)

Will hang signs on production floor.

Will install, maintain, and repair cribbing. (After initial installation)

Assist or be assisted by other trades as particular skills are required




Job Requirements

Required skills as they relate to SRP job descriptions




Industrial Truck Repair

Machine Repair

Power Services & any  other mechanical related skilled trades

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