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Job Information


Currently looking for safe, committed people to join our Paper Mill in Cottonton, AL. Currently, we are looking to fill temporary openings in our production areas of the mill. Below provides more detail for the positions and requirements.

Basic functions:The production areas of the mill include our Paper Machine, Chemical Recovery, Pulp Mill and Utilities Departments. The positions are there to assist other workers in the operations of the mill.

Essential functions within the production areas will include but not limited to: 

   Paper Machine Department

Cutting, loading, storing, and removing of paper cores  Assist in startup of machines Clean up of areas


Chemical Recovery Department

Maintain check lists

Manage rail track/truck inventory

Confirm placement of train cars and their content

Pump out lime pits and unload fresh lime


Pulp Mill Department

Monitor wood chip delivery system

Dislodge and clear blockage from conveyor delivery system, chute, hopper, or screens

Visually inspect wood chip delivery systems for potential blockage or malfunction


Utilities Department

Check all Equipment

Startup of truck dumpers

Assist drivers if needed

Unplug bark hogs and trucker dump hoppers and conveyors

Mahrt Papermill offers competitive wages. The competitive hourly wage with no Papermill experience will begin at $20.45 – 25.56/hour.  Papermill job experience will be reviewed for appropriate payrate.

Job Requirements

Knowledge, skills, and abilities needed:

Possess a high school diploma or GED (Proof Required) 

Pass company required written test (Reading  Rulers &Gauges, Numerical Ability, Reading and Bennett Mechanical aptitude testing)

Ability to work in a heavy industrial environment

Ability to work rotating shifts (Southern Swing)

Ability to work safely

Possess a solid history of employment

Reading ability  to accomplish such tasks as reading reports, gauges, signs, etc.

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