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Job Information


We are hiring for a Quality Control Inspector in North Austin.

Must have experience in Electronics Manufacturing.

Schedule: Monday - Friday, 6am-3pm

Pay: $20/hr + depending on experience

Job Overview

Performs visual and minor electrical inspection of new and reworked product, completes and maintains inspection records, maintains a minimum level of expertise in quality control standards and inspection practices. Shall perform others tasks as assigned by management.

  • Accurately interprets various types of documents, schematics, component markings and mechanical drawings.
  • Works under a microscope for extended periods of time and possesses familiarity with standard electronic inspection concepts.
  • Conducts product inspections and reviews data and documentation for accuracy and completeness.
  • Maintains records of inspections and inspection results; fills out non-conforming material reports for products which do not meet standards.
  • Inspects reworked product and keeps the quality supervisor informed of any trends or activities in the process which may affect product quality.
  • Maintains knowledge of quality assurance and quality control concepts relative to inspection, IPC standards and record keeping procedures.
  • Looks for ways to improve and promote quality; applies feedback to improve performance.

Job Requirements


  • Three to five years of related experience and/or training.
  • Must have good or correctable eyesight and must not be colorblind.
  • Ability to read and identify resistor values and inductor color codes.
  • Trained in IPC-A-610 standards or the most current revision.
  • Basic computer skills.
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