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Job Information




Sew-on operator:

The duties of a sew-on operator is to keep the finishing line supplied with carpet. Rolls/floats are brought to the line by the material handler. The operator will sew these rolls together, keeping the “J” box full and the line running. The operator will pull tickets from each roll/float as they are sewn in and label the roll/float according to the ticket number. The operator will then enter this roll/float into the computer system.  The operator will watch for defects that will need to be cut out and do so accordingly

Job Requirements

Assembly Worker Job Overview:

Safely operate manufacturing equipment
Operate pre-programmed production cycle
Work as a team to accomplish production goals
Report to the factory supervisor for direction - local leadership

Requirements & Qualifications:

Must be able to stand and work scheduled shift.
Must be able to work 50-60 hours per week.
NOT Temperature Controlled 


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