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Aerospace company that specializes in providing precision machined panels of all lighting types, multi-layer circuit board assemblies, cable and wiring harnesses, avionics enclosures, and cockpit sub-assemblies, is hiring a Sanding associate.

Sanding associate job duties:

-Abrades surfaces of metal or hard-composition objects to remove adhering scale, sand, paint, grease, tar, rust, and dirt, and to impart specified finish, using abrasive-blasting equipment: Shovels or pours abrasives, such as sand, grit, or shot of specified grade into machine hopper.

-Masks specified areas of object to protect from abrading action.

-May examine finished parts to ensure conformance to specifications.


1st Shift 6:15 am - 3:00 pm with occasional Overtime

Pay: $18 can vary on experience l

Location: Van Nuys

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