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Job Information


• 2ND SHIFT 1:30 P.M.

• Performs the following mechanical assembly, other duties are assigned as necessary.

• Operates and maintains the equipment assigned to produce accurate assemblies

• Verify that assembly results coincide with production requirements through visual inspection or through touch and feel of the completed process.

• Provide necessary counts, processes documentation correctly, and maintains daily production logs using computer software applications or production worksheets.

• Keeps interim records for subassemblies, material, tooling, rework, etc. Operate weigh count scale and move assembly parts/components through production in a quick and efficient manner.

• Maintain a high level of housekeeping orderliness and work for organization.

• Works as an active team member by participating in problem-solving, team building, and all other team activities to improve the processes, productivity, quality, etc. of the assembly operations. Uses interpersonal skills as well as good written and verbal communication.

•Assists other team members as required.

Job Requirements

  • Requires 1-3 years work experience or equivalent skills and knowledge expertise in the set-up and operation of grinding machines, tools and equipment which are similar or comparable to those used by the Company and which are necessary to fulfill job requirements.
  • Must read precision measuring instruments such as calipers and micrometers and engineering diagrams similar or comparable to those used in grinding operations by the Company.
  • Must be familiar with use of computerized input system of production
  • Must be capable of applying mathematical operations using fractions, decimals, trigonometry and geometry as required by cell machining operations.
  • Equivalent to journeyman trade school graduate or equivalent.
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