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Job Information


  • Sets up thread rolling machine making required adjustments to dies, cut depths, etc. to tolerances of ± .0001.
  • Uses various support tools and equipment such as wrenches, pliers, calipers, micrometers, gauges, etc. to set-up, maintain and repair machine.
  • Loads workpieces, positions and secures to holding device.
  • Verifies workpiece position.
  • Selects feed rate, cutting speed, depth of cut, tooling, cams, stops, etc. and other variable tasks and items based upon most efficient methods to maintain tolerances for material and tooling required.
  • Operates the thread rolling machines as required for the completion of the various operations necessary on the workpieces being machined.
  • Maintains visual check of work in progress to assure proper functioning of equipment.
  • Provides necessary counts, processes documentation correctly, and maintains daily production logs using computer software applications or production worksheets.
  • Keeps interim records for subassemblies, material, tooling, rework, etc. while in the cell. Studies blueprints or other documentation to visualize machining required and plans sequence of operations.
  • Works as an active team member by participating in problem solving, team building, and all other team activities to improve the processes, productivity, quality, etc. of the production operations in a cell.
  • Uses interpersonal skills as well as good written and verbal communications.
  • Assists other cell members as required.

Job Requirements

  • Requires 1 years work experience or cross training or equivalent skills and knowledge expertise in the basic set-up and operation of thread rolling machines, tools and equipment which are similar or comparable to those used by the Company and which are necessary to fulfill job requirements.
  • Must have demonstrated the capability to set-up and operate the thread rolling machine required in the cell to the level of journeyman.
  • Must have held linear and diameter tolerances to ± .0005, T.I.R. to ± .001 for threading, etc.
  • Must read precision measuring instruments such as calipers and micrometers and engineering diagrams similar or comparable to those used in machine tooling operations by the Company
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