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Job Information


Quality Assurance Inspector

Ensure the creation of FAI reports is done in a timely manner to support shipping requirements.

Perform final production inspection as needed to support the shipment schedule.

Performed detailed inspection via inspection vision machine of items and create reports of inspected dimensions for further analysis. Inspect and qualify products and source materials to ensure high-quality and adherence to ISO

Perform incoming and processing file inspections as a sign by TL supervisor or is needed to support customers.

Performed the calibration of tools/tooling as needed and keep track of records and coordination with TL.

Assist with printed PO's make sure the correct mil spec references are listed that any drawings needed or attached.

Evaluate any problem areas via quality audit and make recommendations in coordination with TL about how to correct the problem to management upon management approval implement changes.

1st Shift 

Job Requirements

  • Excellentmathskills;algebra,trigonometry,andgeometryskillsaplus.
  • Read,write, andspeakEnglish fluently.AbilitytospeakSpanishaplus.
  • Abilitytowritelegibly.
  • Ability to successfully pass a standard vision and color blindness exam every two years.
  • Eexcellentinterpersonalandorganizationalskills.
  • Must have 2 yrs of QC experience
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