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Job Information


Process Tech/Maintenance Tech needed for Auburn 

6pm-6am $16.50 and $24.75 OT 

1. Assist production with maintaining the production process by ensuring the proper use of the down line 

2. Helps oversee and coordinate suggested improvements to the process and/or associated equipment

3. Assist  in the design of down lines and associated equipment used in the production process 

4. Assist maintenance to keep production from stopping

5. Participate in continuous improvement teams

6. Performs any required repairs and maintenance on all production related equipment 

Job Requirements

  • Proven experience as maintenance technician.
  • Basic understanding of electrical, hydraulic and other systems.
  • Knowledge of general maintenance processes and methods.
  • Working knowledge of tools, common appliances and devices.
  • Manual dexterity and problem-solving skills.
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