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Job Information


SUMMARY Assembles and fits to drawing dimensions of all kinds of structural, plate and mechanical materials into all types of assemblies. Must be proficient in the full skills of the trade. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned. ? Receives instructions, prints, sketches and work orders. ? Reads and interprets blueprints and plans the fitting operation. ? Directs and assists in handling and spreading of material, assembling material into required relationships according to detail drawings; handling and placing detail material in assembly, placing bolts, drift pins and other fastening deceives in proper locations. ? Lays out work lines or fits up jigs for positioning material when required; checks, squares, and scribes all detail connections. ? Responsible for work conforming to drawings and notes thereon. ? Cleans up material by grinding or chipping. ? Burns and tack welds for assembly purposes. Burns, copes and bevels and straightens material. Does minor layout. ? Spot paints for identification marks. ? Maintain clean and organized work area.

Job Requirements

Form material by operation of CNC machines and equipment such as Plasma Arc, NC Punch Plasma,
Beam Line Machine, Beam Punch Operator and NC Angle Master. Also operates machines under HMO B
and C classification. Understands and works with machine programs.

· Layout, read, interpret blueprints, shop drawings and other company documents.
· Operates heavy steel fabrication machinery according to company requirement.
· Load and unload equipment with material manually and through the use of an overhead crane
or magnet.
· Perform daily preventative maintenance.
· Troubleshoot, properly mark and stamp materials.
· Perform daily cleaning of machines.
· Locate parts and supplies for machine operation and grind material.
· Other duties may be assigned.

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