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Job Information


Primary Responsibilities:

• Participate in day to day seed count, bagging and treating operation in plant

• Operate and manage automatic seed sampling equipment to pull accurate samples from each lot of seed as directed.

• Assist in seed counts for packaging seed and obtaining QA samples.

• Enter plant monitoring data for the treating and packaging area as directed.

• Monitor packaging appearance. (printing on bags, printing of placards, bar coding, wrapping, etc.)

• Monitor the treatment process for application accuracy.

• General repairs of bag placers, baggers, treater and palletizer during the season and during the shut down periods.

• Participate in cleanup of treating and bagging area for all variety changes.

• During the carryover season assist management in sorting and doing inventory counts on carryover.

• Assist with the carryover blending process by seed count.

• Assist in all inventory counts of chemical and bags.

• Meet the safety requirements for the seed count, bagging, and treatment areas of the plant.

• Other tasks as directed by management.

Job Requirements

Required Skills/Competencies:

• Equipment Repairs

• Working with others

• Stacking bags

• Mechanical abilities

• Communication skills

• Must be capable of handling 50lb bags if needed

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