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Job Information


Production Coordinator

  • Creates work orders in QAD
  • Assists in Planning and managing production schedules to ensure 100% on time delivery of all customer orders
  • Ensure raw materials are available and allocates raw materials to job order
  • Enter shop labor transactions in QAD
  • Records, transfers, and issue material in QAD
  • Reviews new work orders makes decisions regarding release and scheduling.
  • Coordinates with sales/expediting to ensure scheduling for on-time-delivery.
  • Communicates with purchasing and sales regarding material needed to fulfill orders
  • Enter raw material receipt into QAD, ensuring accurate traceability
  • Reconciles work order reports determining inventory variance root cause work with team to establish containment and preventative actions
  • Leads inventory count initiatives and maintains records
  • Records and maintains documentation necessary for production
  • Follow company policies and procedures
  • Support and/ or participate in the organization's Continouous Improvement Programs
  • Proactively participates on AFGlobal's E3 Safety Program
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned

Job Requirements


  • Good communication skills, written and verbal
  • Knowlwdge of basic Production Control principles
  • Excellent Computer skill in Microsoft Office


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