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Job Information


Position Objective: The position is accountable for assisting in the day to day operations of the plant and warehouse. Key emphasis will be placed on managing the overall process at the plant level from seed treatment to packaging by seed count. In addition, emphasis will be placed on operating both manual and automated seed count and bagging equipment and tracking and maintaining accuracy of seed/lbs, bag weights, bag inventory, bag appearance and treater accuracy.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Participate in day to day seed count, bagging and treating operation in plant

• Operate and manage automatic seed sampling equipment to pull accurate samples from each lot of seed as directed.

• Assist in seed counts for packaging seed and obtaining QA samples.

• Enter plant monitoring data for the treating and packaging area as directed.

• Monitor packaging appearance. (printing on bags, printing of placards, bar coding, wrapping, etc.)

• Monitor the treatment process for application accuracy.

• General repairs of bag placers, baggers, treater and palletizer during the season and during the shut down periods.

• Participate in cleanup of treating and bagging area for all variety changes.

• During the carryover season assist management in sorting and doing inventory counts on carryover.

• Assist with the carryover blending process by seed count.

• Assist in all inventory counts of chemical and bags.

• Meet the safety requirements for the seed count, bagging, and treatment areas of the plant.

• Other tasks as directed by management. Decision Making:

• Baggers or bag placer scales are not operating → Determine the problem and make corrections

• See count not correct → Realize problem and make correction or retest.

• Application print is not clean and distinct on the bag top → Determine the cause and correct

• Bagging equipment is not inserting the correct amount of product → Determine the cause and correct

• Treater out of calibration → Determine the cause,

Job Requirements

Required Skills/Competencies:

• Equipment Repairs

• Working with others

• Stacking bags

• Mechanical abilities

• Communication skills

• Must be capable of handling 50lb bags if needed

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