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Electro-Mechanical Maintenance Technician in Santa Teresa 

  • act in accordance with the instructions in case of machinery, machine group, facility and equipment maintenance, repair, modification and carry over situations.
  • work for identification of the breakdown situations in certain machinery and equipment groups, hardware and facilities; to report the situation to his/her supervisor; to repair the breakdown with the approval of his/her supervisor; to realize assembling and disassembling activities.
  • replace defective standard parts and modules with the new ones; to contribute to the production and control of these parts when necessary.
  • work in shifts; to enter maintenance and repair cards’ into the system and to fill out standard maintenance reports,
  •  maintain repair and machine maintenance records.
  •  be responsible for order and cleanliness at the workplace.
  •  clean work area and keep all the equipment and tools properly.
  •  work in accordance with the safety and environmental rules.
  • Electrical knowledge (Voltage, amperage, ohms, wattage, etc.

12 hour shifts rotating every 4months

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