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Resourcemfg Now Hiring in Sharon PA

1st 645am-315pm

Pay 15.00

  • Set up Saliva Ejector Line / Injection Mold Machine, in accordance with instructions on production sheets.
  • Operate Saliva Ejector Line with constant attention to metering equipment, improving run speeds, product quality, and decrease scrap when possible.
  • Check quality of Saliva Ejector Products.
  • Assemble packaging materials, keep accurate counts of cases and boxes and stack finished product onto a pallet, while maintaining constant attention to Saliva Ejector Line.
  • Fill color bins (Saliva Ejector Machines and Injection Molders) and change bagger rolls as required.
  • Check quality of Injected Molded tips; empty carousel of full bins and replace with clean empty bins, put full bins to their proper locations.




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