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Job Information


Skilled Optics Assembler 

Monday-Friday Day Shift 

Pay: $17-20 an hour *based on experience


Prepares various compound optical systems for assembly including but not limited to cleaning all optical components, checking for adherence to blueprint specifications and optical drawings.  Uses PC for record keeping, report writing and inventory control.  Uses various instruments such as an interferometer or an autocollimator for testing and inspecting incoming and finished optical assemblies. 


  • Cleans coated and uncoated optics for assembly  
  • Prepares and mixes various optical cements and epoxies 
  • Cements and/or welds typical and atypical components as specified 
  • Assembles multi-element systems such as achromats, beam expanders and transmission spheres 
  • Identifies the need for assembly jigs and suggests the form or solution to maximize efficiency 
  • Uses measurement devices such as calipers, optical comparator or height gauge to verify optical/mechanical elements are in compliance with blueprints 
  • Uses interferometer for assembly and final testing 
  • Uses microscope to find imperfections such as dust, lint, bubbles or flaws in assembled optical components 
  • Uses the computer to input and delete inventory data 
  • Meets the criteria for completion times of assemblies posted 
  • Analyzes returned parts and suggests and/or implements corrective action 

Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor

Job Requirements

Job Requirements: 


  • Read and understand a variety of job-related instructions and documents 
  • Manage time efficiently 
  • Work effectively with time and production restrictions  
  • Maintains an organized and clean workstation 
  • Communicate effectively, relating instructions and information clearly, providing feedback when appropriate to ensure instructions are understood correctly 
  • Work well with others and other departments 
  • Perform legible written communication 
  • Employees are required to follow all safety rules while in each department to ensure personal safety and the safety of those within the departments 
  • Maintains an organized and clean workstation to ensure a safe and productive workplace 
  • Concentrate effectively to ensure personal safety and the safety of those in the department  
  • Efficiently transport fragile materials within the assembly area 
  • Inspect optics for scratches, coating defects, marks, and other possible problems before assembling 
  • Visually determine and differentiate colors 
  • Lift optics for inspecting, cleaning, testing, assembling, contacting, and packaging 
  • Bend as is necessary for lifting from waist, knees, and neck to inspect optics and maintain assembly area 
  • Manipulate papers and fragile parts into and out of packaging materials, grasp, wipe, press, push, and pull safely use sharp instruments, and operate testing equipment 
  • Twist and turn wrists and forearms continually to perform inspection procedures while grasping small objects 
  • Safely use sharp instruments, and operate testing equipment 
  • Lift up to 20 lb. 
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