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Job Information


Composite Production and Tooling Specialist
Huntington Beach, Ca

6am - 230pm
Monday - Fiday

To lay-up infused and prepreg tool details. Trim all types of composites parts using fixtures and power
equipment. Build all types, sizes, and shapes of composite tools. Assemble and try out complex tools.
Lay-up and cure test coupons and panels to written and verbal instruction.
1. Must have a great attitude, willing to work hard, and willing to work overtime as required.
2. Because of the nature of the work English proficiency is required.
3. Basic math skills are required, addition, subtraction and percentages at a minimum.
4. Reads and interprets drawings or works from verbal or written instructions and specifications,
including cure cycles.
5. Able to lay-up composite materials.
6. Plans the setup and operation of all types of composite shop power tools.
7. Must be capable of mixing resins of all types. Calculating resin percentages as required.
8. Hand fabricate composite parts / tools utilizing company approved methods and planning.
9. Use precision measuring and gauging tools, performing required inspection before, during, and after
10. Performs hand operations involved in producing jigs, fixtures, and tools. Uses hand tools of the trade.
11. Fabricate jigs, fixtures, and tools. Use composite tools / fixtures to produce a product to
specifications. Able to trace tool difficulties to their source and notify engineering.
12. Work with product designers providing input to manufacturing capability on newly created products.
13. High degree of attention and care required, to prevent injury to self and others when operating
machine tools.
14. Must have passed yearly forklift certification testing. (or within three months of hire date)
15. Must be safety conscious, and use PPE appropriate for the tasks in the department. Notifies supervisor
or manager of any potential safety hazards.


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