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Job Information


Looking for a CAM Operator

Mission: To generate data that will create the tooling to allow production to build PWB’s. Control all data to ensure Customer and internal data security.


-receive package data

-disk, ftp, cd, email

-load data into system -check data:

-registration -apertures -all necessary files -do check plot -review package -omissions -production data sheet -set up -customer -manufacturing design and process rules -check list -enhancements -line width -spacing -ring -panelization -tooling holes -thieving patterns -generate drill & rout tapes -send data to laser plotter

-receive and log in tooling change package -review package -restore data to system -perform changes -fill out production data sheet

-check list -regenerate drill & rout tapes -send data to re-plot artwork -maintain old files, re-archive or back-up data -operator training -restore data to send for re-plotting of damaged artwork -add notes to production data sheet

Working Conditions: -office environment Performance Plan: Category Metric -cost control -materials -staffing -unit cost -On Time Delivery -quality -inspections -floor -customer Hiring Qualifications: 

Job Requirements

For an experienced CAM Operator

-high school diploma or equivalent

-1 year min on Genesis Valor or equivalent software for PWB Manufacturing

-must speak, read and understand English

-P.C. literate (ie: Windows, Word, and Excel)

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