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Job Information


Urgent need for an Electronics Technician


  • 1st shift Electronics Tech 
    • 28.00 to 30.00 per hour
    • Day shift (9 AM - 5 PM) – Can be somewhat flexible on start time.
    • Diagnosis of Machine Breakdowns
    • Troubleshoot Servo Drives and Motors with Tuning
    • Wide variety of Machines
    • Needs to do some precision mechanical work
    • Electronics - Need to be able to get down on component level
    • Some electrical experience might be helpful as well


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Troubleshoot and repair CNC machines.
  • Help design and build in house machines.
  • Retrofit machines to improve production efficiency.
  • Find alternative replacements for obsolete, hard to find, or costly parts.
  • Help in troubleshooting mechanical repairs.
  • Programming PLC, Temperature controllers, and other devices.
  • Calibrate process loops like temperature, amps, volts etc…
  • Tune servo controls on CNC equipment.
  • Support other sites with troubleshooting, repairs, and parts.
  • Maintain stock on electronic parts for machines.
  • Troubleshoot down to component level on circuit boards.
  • Help in repair of HVAC equipment.
  • Manage waste responsibly (utilize proper containers, participate in the recycling programs).
  • Promote energy conservation.
  • Other duties as assigned to meet departmental and company objectives.


Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications

  • Safe work practices in an industrial environment.
  • Good working knowledge of multimeters, oscilloscope and other electronic testers.
  • Ability to handle multiple task and prioritize effectively.
  • Proficient skill level simple mathematics
  • Ability to work with supervision to realize company goals.
  • Performs work with an attention to detail.



  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • AAS Electronics Technology or Technical College equivalent preferred but not required.
  • 3-5 years in electronic or related field.



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