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Job Information


ResourceMFG has a great opportunity for a Manual machinist in the city of Simi Valley, CA. 

Pay: $20

Hours: 7am - 3:30pm

Monday to Friday

1. Have basic understanding of machines to be operated.
2. Know how to do basic set-up and to verify accuracy of the set-up prior to submitting parts for First Article.
3. Able to sharpen tooling correctly.
4. Trainees will have set-up and sharpening verified by Shop Foreman prior to parts being run for First Article.
5. Check all pan tags and compare to parts in pan and to paperwork prior to beginning any job. All pans containing parts must be tagged!
6. After completing First Article, submit for Inspection with Work Order and Print. No job is to be run until First Article is approved. 
7. Any tool changes or sharpenings during run require a new First Article.
8. During the run each operator is responsible to periodically check parts for compliance. Any out-of-tolerance condition requires that the run be stopped until the cause is found and corrected. Calipers and micrometers are provided as needed by the Company and are calibrated and traceable to N.I.S.T.
9. After completion of a job, submit for Final Inspection of that operation. After approval, notify Shop Foreman so parts can be moved to next op.
10. At the end of the work day, if you are in the middle of an order, tag all pans to show if they have been completed or not.
11. Inspect machine daily to make sure it is in good running condition.
12. Wear protective eye gear, and other protective gear as needed.
13. Make sure you know where the kill switch on any machine before operating!
14. Scrap material must be placed promptly into appropriate barrel.
15. Advise Shop Foreman of any breakdowns or repairs.
16. Monitor fluid levels daily.
17. Machine Maintenance will be performed monthly, unless not in use, by Shop Foreman or Production Manager, and recorded on Machine Maintenance Sheet.

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