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Remedy Staffing is hiring a skilled process Engineer for Manufacturing. Main duties include testing, monitoring equipment, updating current system processes and conducting risk assessments.

88k year

7:00am-5:30 Mon - Thursday


Process Engineer Duties and Responsibilities: 

Reviewing safety and quality standards to ensure the facility is properly meeting these guidelines

Conducting research to develop new and improved processes for manufacturing 

Establishing safety procedures for individuals working with dangerous chemicals 

Developing methods for separating components of gases and liquids or for generating electrical currents 

Designing and planning equipment layout 

Conducting tests and monitoring the process performance throughout production 

Troubleshooting problems associated with manufacturing processes 

Evaluating processes and equipment to ensure compliance with environmental and safety regulations 

Estimating production costs

Skills and Qualifications:

Analytical skills for troubleshooting designs not working as planned, asking the right questions and finding answers that work 

Ingenuity for using the broad concepts of chemical engineering and applying them to address specific production problems 

Interpersonal skills in developing positive working relationships with other employees working with the production process 

Math skills for using the principals of advanced math topics including troubleshooting their work, calculus for analysis and design

Education And Training:

Bachelor’s Degree

Lean/Six Sigma Training






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