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Job Information


Knowledge and skilled in the Electrical Assemblies, perform A Variety of Electrical Cable Harnesses Assemblies, Shielded Cable Wiring, Coaxial Cable Assemblies, Control box Assemblies and Soldering Skill.

  • Ability to work from engineering drawing, schematics, wiring diagrams, bills of material, Job planning travelers and customer specification.
  • Knowledge of variety of electrical assemblies, cable harnesses, coaxial cable assemblies, wiring control panel, soldering cable assemblies, crimping, lugging, routing, grouping, shield cable wiring.

Job Requirements

  1. Knowledge of a variety of electronic and electrical assembly, cable harnesses, coaxial cable assemblies, shielded cable assemblies and IPC-A-620 or IPC J-STD-001 soldering skill.
  1. Must be able to work directly from engineering, drawing, with minimum Supervision.
  1. Must be able to use electrical test equipment: Voltmeter, multimeter, OHMS, crimp tools and power tools.
  1. Ability to work well with both subordinates and supervisor including coordinate and support others as required to produce a quality and profitable product.
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