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Job Information


ResourceMFG Now Hiring In Youngstown OH

work Swing Shift 6am-6pm then 6pm- 6am


  • 1. Visual Inspection- Visually check pipes for flaws while walking up and down the aisle
    2. NDT Machine (Non Destructive Testing) Use magnetic and ultrasonic waves to inspect the inside of pipe
    3. SEA- (Special end area) This is where the last few feet of the pipes are inspected closely
    4. Prove Up- TFinal stage of inspection process where repairs are made by grinding and measuring thickness
    5. Paint Station- Change paint colors or fill up paint when low

    Job Requirements:

  • Great attendance is needed.
    Must be able to work up to 12 hours a day for at least 6 straight days.
    Must be able to alternate between day shift and night shift, 


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