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Job Information




Under the supervision of the Cleaning and Sanitization Supervisor (C & S), the SWAT member is responsible to provide support, training and guidance to Cleaning and Sanitization Technical Operators, participate in continuous improvement initiatives and comply with Production cleaning and sanitization systems and procedures.




  • Maintain Good Manufacturing Practices by conducting regular rounds of the production lines and holding tanks to check the overall parameters related to C & S, the documentation and the general state of the filling equipment. Inform the Technical Operators of your findings whether good or bad;
  • Coordinate special cleaning (white film, cleaning after maintenance, and others) and  passivation when required ensuring that they are adequately documented;
  • Participate in the documentation control system: support Technical Operators that have difficulties with documentation, help them with documentation corrections, transmit information to the C & S Supervisor concerning systematically deviant technical operators;
  • Organize monthly swab program, namely by posting, at the beginning of each month, swab notes on the equipment or control panel, and sanitizing and swabbing equipment which has not been done during the current month;
  • Post established communication systems, approved in advance by the C & S Supervisor, to inform Technical Operators of the specific parameters of certain production runs (e.g. cleaning validations, SMED, audits, etc.);
  • In collaboration and with the support of the C & S Supervisor, prepare the department for audits, customer visits, and GMP tours (review of documentation, cleaning and dismantling, etc.);
  • In collaboration with the C & S Supervisor, train Technical Operators on new instructions and SOPS. Support the introduction of new procedures and new equipment;
  • Support new Technical Operators in performing their tasks, participate in their training;
  • Audit and inspect equipment, cleaning & sanitization processes, transfer processes or other;

Job Requirements



  • Qualified and has held the position of Technical Operator (supply line, tubes and /or MRM/Piston;
  • Bilingual oral and written essential (French and English);
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, demonstrated leadership;
  • Computer literate (AS400, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.);
  • Good organizational skills, conscientious, detail oriented;
  • Selection will be based on qualifications, skills and performance during the interview.


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