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Job Information


Quality Inspector 

Location: Olney, IL

Company was established in 1991 to install utility beds, grain beds, flat beds, and other truck equipment.  Since our establishment we have expanded our services to include but not be limited to the following:

  • Hydraulic design, repair and complete systems
  • Repairing and installing cranes
  • Installing hand controls in personal, commercial and farm vehicles
  • Building and repairing tank trucks, winch trucks, mud boats, pulling units and drilling rigs
  • Tongs, parts and rebuilding
  • Cylinder Repairs

Our many years of quality craftsmanship, fabrication expertise, and hard work allow us to tackle almost any project.

Job Requirements

Quality Inspectors are responsible for inspecting and testing products and overseeing operations for a company to ensure they meet production standards, and they can work in any industry that involves production and assembly, such as glassware, textile, motor vehicles and food. Here are some of the typical duties a Quality Inspector may have:

  • Establishing quality standards for products a company produces
  • Reading blueprints and specifications to ensure that operations meet production standards
  • Recommending any necessary adjustments and changes to production processes
  • Inspecting and testing the materials and equipment produced by a company
  • Using gadgets such as micrometer screw gauges to measure products
  • Removing products that don’t meet production standards and recommending strategies to improve product quality
  • Accepting or rejecting finished products and discussing inspection results with the production team
  • Performing inspections at random to assess product quality

**We can train if they have the ability and want to learn**

 Per Diem is not offered for this position 


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