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Job Description: Billing daily sales and verifying that customer receive their invoices as soon as possible. Sending constant reminders to customers for collections purposes, including but not limited to statements of account, follow up calls, troubleshooting differences, and in general maintaining a reconciled account. Receiving customer payments and apply them to their account with 100% accuracy to its remittance, if no remittance then pursuing it until have it. Requesting missing remittances and applying missing payments. Leading the collections efforts and maintaining a healthy Aging of the Accounts receivable. Calculating and maintaining a healthy reserve for doubtful accounts, getting approval for write offs when needed. Assisting and Helping in all activities related to the finance department when needed. Collaborating in the company success necessary by performing any necessary activities related to the administrative functions. Great customer service and great attitude Basic Excel experience Know basic mathematics Experience: High school or equivalent, with some college accounting preferred.

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