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Job Information


$13.50 per hour


The Assembler assembles and packages parts, hardware, and materials to complete products or assemblies.


Follow required safety and work procedures including standards, blueprints and/or wiring diagrams.
Utilize hand tools and pneumatic tools to assemble, wire and install components and assemblies.
Pack boxes and crates with various component parts.
Release/request material from internal sources and perform any material replenishment to retrieve, pick and move stock requirements.
Assemble and package parts, hardware and materials to complete products or assemblies at a level of output that minimizes production delays.
Utilize quality checks to ensure all systems are set for correct operational sequencing and to meet product standards.


Job Requirements

High school diploma or GED.


Previous manufacturing experience preferred.
Basic computer skills.
Understanding of how to use hand tools (screw drivers, wrenches, wire strippers, crimpers, etc.), power tools (i.e. heat gun, cordless drill, cordless screwdrivers, amp meters, etc.), and pneumatic tools (i.e. stapler, nail gun, impact gun, rivet gun, etc.) as well as the ability to read blueprints and a tape measure.
Ability to read, write and use basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).
Strong mechanical aptitude with the ability to follow precise instructions.
Ability to communicate effectively with peers, managers and across departments.


Employees/temporary employees are responsible for individual compliance with all safety rules, policies and procedures. Employee/temporary employee responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Other responsibilities as assigned.
Comply with all safety rules, policies and procedures.
Report any unsafe practices and/or conditions to their supervisor.
Wear required personal protective equipment (PPE) and report any defective PPE.
Report all near-misses, incidents, injuries, illnesses, including mobile equipment or property damage.
Participation in the site Safety and Health Program.

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