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Job Information


Automotive Electricians are responsible for installing electrical accessories or components for up-fitting truck bodies, such as beacon lights, strobe lights, relays, trailer plugs, cranes, dump trucks, break controllers, and compressors. They will assemble and wire electrical parts following schematic drawing by using hand, machine and/or power tools. They will inspect electrical or electronic systems for defect and do electronic diagnostics.



Job Requirements

  • Knowledge of selecting correct wires and tools.
  • Knowledge of OEM wiring (color codes & functions).
  • Knowledge of electrical schematic diagrams.
  • Experience in Underbody Compressor/Generator Hydraulic Compressors.
  • Working knowledge of 12 volt & 24-volt systems.
  • Knowledge of electrical schematic diagrams.
  • Must have knowledge of PTO wiring and diagnostics.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Knowledge of using mathematics to solve problems.
  • Understanding diagrams and work-related documents.
  • Time management.

Required Education and Experience

1+ years automotive electrical wiring, electrical Diagnostic (computer) experience

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