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Job Information



Reports To:        Packaging Lead/Production Supervisor

FLSA Status:       $16.00 Per Hour 

Key Functions:

1)      To operate production lines efficiently by setting up, operating, and adjusting the filler/seamer equipment to maximize production while maintaining the product quality.

2)      To analyze the equipment’s performance, perform routine maintenance, and to report all information requested pertaining to safety, quality, and productivity.

3)      To be part of the team responsible for maintaining the hygiene of both the equipment and the surrounding work area.

Main Tasks:

1)      Operate and maintain Packaging equipment machinery

2)      Maintain production flow of product in baskets being received from the Filling department

3)      Trouble-shoot and communicate any issues that arise with Packaging equipment or product

4)      Generate production and material tracking reports that fulfill our quality and production reporting standards

5)      Follow all company required GMP requirements

6)      Recognize, analyze, and report any product safety or product quality issues per Saturn’s food safety program

7)      Recognize, analyze, and report any personnel safety issues per Saturn’s safety program

8)      Ensure that you have the right tools and raw materials to effectively perform the production schedule as assigned

9)      Perform required sanitation requirements to maintain our personal and workplace hygiene expectations

10)   Other tasks as assigned


1)      High School Diploma or equivalent

2)      Ability to read and write effectively

3)      Basic mathematics

4)      Good verbal communication and teamwork skills

5)      Good knowledge of computers

6)      Good understanding of manufacturing and production preferred




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