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Job Information


• Able to read the Job sheet correctly to match the stocks and use a transparent clear film to identify if the print is correct and aligned. • Operate auto and manual mounting machines with safety precautions. Making sure all pressure and speed settings are to its recommended specs. • Use the correct amount of glue in the pan as required. • Insert test sheets from each side at sequential time. This process is repeated from stack to stack until the job/order is completed. • Insure the quality meets our expectations. It requires the sheets are aligned correctly so that the sheets are not peeling off from each other. This is done by adjustments from the machine. When the testing phase is done, it is time to do orders/jobs. • Completed jobs/orders must be scanned by operators upon completion. • Maintain a clean work environment. These machines operate on glue and they need to be cleaned very frequently. • Perform maintenance by cleaning up after the shift is over. Turn machine, air compressor and electrical off. • Perform any other duty provided by the production manager.

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