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Job Information


Job Description:

  • Calibrates in-line ultrasonic and eddy current units with off-line reference standards and in-line dynamic testing.
  • Monitors NDT indications and communicates with production personnel to determine cause. 
  • Uses portable UT to examine and prove-up weld defect indications.
  • Inspects imperfections in longitudinal welds both inside and outside seam.
  • Inspects imperfections in the pipe body and weld visually.
  • Measures and inspects the bevel, face, and squareness of both ends for compliance with specifications.
  • Determines if pipe is acceptable or rejected (unsuitable for the current specification) due to imperfections which exceed those specified by Customer or code.
  • Measures OD of pipe, wall thickness, straightness, and weld flash height with micrometer or electronic ultrasonic thickness gauge.
  • Examines weld line for chatter.
  • Examines welded joint for off-plate or off-seam conditions.
  • Inspects and maintains a record of all activities on the QC Final Non-Conformance Report QCF-003.
  • Reports to Supervisors any continuing imperfections so immediate correction may be taken.
  • Reports cracks, splits, pinholes and hydro bursts to Supervisors to ensure the defect is disposed of in a proper manner within the established specifications and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Marks pipe for cut-off or repair.
  • Routes pipes to proper rejection pockets.
  • Confers with third-party inspectors on matters relating to quality at the final table.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

Very good mechanical aptitude.
Good math skills.
Good communication skills.
Must be able to work in team environment without supervision.
Observe safety rules and wear required safety equipment while on the job.


  • Weekly Pay
  • Medical and Dental from Day 1 
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