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2/2/3 Schedule: Position Overview: Set up and operate all equipment. To maintain all operations in a safe and efficient way and to insure quality acceptable production requirements. Essential Responsibilities and Duties: 1. Responsible for correct packaging and inspections of customer products. 2. Assist in maintaining "Good Manufacturing Practices" and Environmental, Safety and Health policies. 3. Transport finished goods from production to the warehouse area. 4. Follow production order documents to assure all supplies are correct at the machine. 5. Provide support in other production areas, rework units in holdware and quarentine area. 6. Assists in counting rejected units, labels, etc.,with adequate documentation. 7. Responsible for inventory movement tickets and labeling each carton. 8. Responsible for case counts. 9. Performs other duties as assigned by Production Supervisor. Qualifications: Education: High School Diploma Experience: Previous experience in a plastic manufacturing environment Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Word and etc. Good verbal and written communication skills Be a team player, detail oriented, and honest.

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