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Job Information


Title: Maintenance Electrician

Shift: 2:00pm -10:30pm

Pay: $26.00 per hour

The primary role is to continually monitor plant and production equipment and act accordingly to maintain optimal equipment utilization and availability. Applies technical knowledge of electronic principles in determining equipment malfunctions, and applies skill in restoring equipment operations. Utilize testing equipment to diagnose malfunctions. Perform electrical equipment preventative maintenance as required to improve equipment uptime. Perform all work in accordance with established safety procedures, ensures compliance with engineering specifications and/or National Electrical and Local Electrical code.


• Install, maintain, and repair electrical and electronic components on production machines; conveyors, production and maintenance welders, automation equipment, injection molding equipment, on facilities equipment; lighting system, doors, read and revise machine prints. (excludes sub-stations or items owned and maintained by outside resources. DC and A/C 3 phase circuits and equipment.

• Perform rigging on work pertaining to conduit and feeder runs on job site only. Ability to utilize man lift equipment to perform install and troubleshooting tasks.

• Install, mount, tryout, maintain, and remove all electrical equipment such as 480 volt portion of bus systems, control panels, distribution panels, Junction boxes, wire ways, conduit runs, cable and wire switches, operator stations, relays, solenoids, plugs, receptacles, etc.

• Install, remove, and check all fuses inside electrical panels.

• Perform regular Preventative Maintenance tasks on all electrical production and facility.

• Layout, drill, tap, tryout, debug, install and modify, and maintain panel sub plates and junction boxes to support plant rearrangements

• Maintain, replace, rewire, and repair all electrical and electronic limit switches; this includes the adjustment of tripping devices.

• Provide electrical service to other trades and vendors, outside contractors, as needed.

• Remove, replace, and install single phase and 3 phase electrical motors.

• Solder and repairs necessary to make or break electrical or electronic joints.

• Assist or be assisted by other trades, as particular skills are required.


Job Requirements


  • At least 5 years of Industrial Maintenance experience
  • Journeyman status
  • Ability to stand, bend, stoop for 8-10 hour shift
  • Ability to work overtime when needed
  • Experience in electrical
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