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Job Information


Mixer 1st shift-3:30am-3:30pm

Pay-$14.50+ $1 shift differential

Job Duties include

• Focus on running and maintaining food processing equipment

• Blending Start-Up

• Ensure clamps for Kettles and mixers are tight, filter socks in place

• Startup Kettles using HMI panel

• Set Thermalator’s to proper temperature

• Chiller/Liquefier Start-up

• Print batch card for product being run

• Identify and obtain ingredients needed

• Visually inspect ingredients/product for foreign objects

• Performs simple mathematical equations

• Able to mix and add ingredients

• Operate Liquifier, manual and HMI aspects

• Obtain and log lot codes for ingredients used in RedZone

• Obtain and log slurry samples for QA testing

• Ensure all equipment is operational

• Understand how to read a batch card

• Properly weigh ingredients

• Operates kettle, grinder, and whipper within specific parameters

• Use HMI/ Control Panel effectively and monitor speed of equipment’s

• Monitor and maintain proper whip percentage

• Visually determine batch progress

• Maintain Temperatures and proper product consistency

• Maintain Kettle full

• Ability to lift 50-55 pound blocks/ingredient bags daily

Will receive an extra .50 cents after training.

Job Requirements

need to be able to lift 50-55 pounds.



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