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Job Information


• Sit Down FL, must FL cert. • MIG, basic fabrication • sometimes required to stay extra 2 hrs. told beforehand. working some Saturdays as well. MIG Welder Responsibilities:

* Selecting, measuring, cutting, and joining appropriate metals to specifications.

* Preparing metals and work surfaces to ensure safe and effective assemblage.

* Training welding apprentices and mentoring recruits.

* Regularly cleaning and inspecting welding equipment and tools.

* Determining correct gas ratios.

* Testing the strength of each join during and after project completion.

* Diagnosing issues and troubleshooting as required.

* Liaising with the line manager or supervisor, reporting any issues, and making suggestions for improvement.

Job Requirements

 MIG Welder Requirements:

* High school diploma or similar.

* A completed apprenticeship or vocational training.

* A relevant certificate from a welding association may be required.

* Excellent stamina, strength, and dexterity.

* Ability to remain calm and focused under pressure.

* Sound understanding of welding safety.

* The ability to teach would be advantageous.

* A willingness to learn and work overtime when required.

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