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Job Information


Job Description: CNC Machine Operator for Second Shift needed in Sanford!

Schedule:Moday-Friday from 3:30pm until 12:00am.


Pay Rate: $18.00 per hour.



Roles and Responsibilities:

* Read CNC Programs

* Set up and operate one or more CNC Machine(s) Duties:

* Read blueprints or work instructions to determine product specifications/tooling instructions

* Plan for operational sequences, while checking proper dimensions

* Start machine, setting tools, holding devices and maintaining coolant levels

* Ensure stock material or work pieces are against stops or fixtures

* Inspect pieces for defects using tools/rulers, calipers

* Make tool adjustments and change inserts

* Operate powered industrial truck

* Other duties as assigned Must have the following capabilities:

* Must use math to solve problems

* Accurately read tape measure to 1/32"

* Knowledge to decide which tools and/or equipment is needed to perform a job Experience Needed:

* 1 - 2 years experience with CNC Machine operation and maintenance

* Basic knowledge of computers Assessments will be given by ResourceMFG prior to submitting


Candidates to Client - *** FOR THE FIRST TWO TO FOUR WEEKS WHILE IN TRAINING, SCHEDULE WILL BE SPLIT SHIFT, STARTING AT 12:30PM *** Qualified Candidates, Apply Now!!

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