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Job Information


Day shift Kitchen/Food Prep Associates Needed!!

Location: 56th Ave/ Buckeye Rd.

Pay Rate: $14.50-$15.00 Shift: 4:00am to 4:00pm

Cold work invorement: 32-40 degrees cold

Responsibilities: •Work safely, efficiently and with great attention to detail. •Ensure instruction sheet is placed on each line for each meal. •Stage food in proper lanes for Ready-to-Eat RTE assemblers. •Pre-stage each line with the next meal. •Transfer cooked chilled food from chiller to proper area. •Keep enough food and supplies at each line to keep all assembly employees busy. •Assist Leads and Supervisors in keeping assemblers continuously working when at their stations. •Rotate food properly in the coolers following First In First Out FIFO. •Conduct daily inventory counts. •Communicate any shorts to Supervisor immediately. •Ensure proper labeling of racks and food. •Follow the daily production list of items as needed. •Maintain assembly rooms to be organized and clean. •Follow all personal safety, food safety and good manufacturing practices.

Job Requirements


Meet hiring requirements

Good attendance

Work 12 hrs. shift/weekends

Work in cold work invorement: 32-40 degrees cold

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