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Job Information


CNC Machinist.

This is a temp to hire opportunity with a 40-hour work week and some overtime. If you have entry level experience and an aptitude and a willing learn, our client will consider giving you shot. 


Primary Duties and Responsibilities


  • Reads blueprints and job travelers for part specifications, such as dimensions, tooling instructions, fixtures, cutting speeds, depth of cut, and determination of the sequence operations.
  • Sets up and operates numerically controlled machines to cut, shape, or form metal work pieces to specification.
  • Reviews set up process sheets to determine set up procedure, machining sequence, and dimensions of finished work piece.
  • Attaches fixtures to machine bed, positions tool holders, and inserts cutting tools as specified by the process sheet, using clamps, bolts, hand tools, power tools, and measuring instruments per set up instructions.
  • Is competent in functions of designated machines.
  • Able to write, alter, and call programs over from the process sheets.
  • Able to manipulate controls to specified point to start machine process.
  • Observes operation and can regulate tool position and action.
  • Performs accurate and timely inspections required by the job sheet/print, the set up/floor supervisors, the QC department, and the manufacturing manager. 1St, in process, and last piece inspections.
  • May adjust machine feeds, speeds, and tooling to machine parts according to specifications when programming or machine is faulty.
  • Identifies and separates all nonconforming parts.
  • Performs all secondary operations and inspections, including deburring and cleaning all parts produced.
  • Enters required data into computer as per requirements.
  • Accurately counts and packs finished parts neatly for transport to their next work station.
  • Keeps machine and tooling clean and lubricated.


Profile, Specific Training and Certification


  • Able to handle major trouble shooting problems and interpret a variety of verbal or written instructions.
  • Has a working understanding of basic math principles, including basic geometry and trigonometry?
  • Understands programming codes.
  • Able to take measurements to verify part conformance to the print.
  • Mechanical aptitude with the various types of tools used in the machining process.
  • Can read/comprehend safety rules, equipment manuals, job sheets, and blueprint notations in English.
  • Can monitor more than one machine.
  • Performs job duties with limited supervision.
  • Will have specific training for job responsibilities, with advanced set up and machine operation.
  • Ability to calculate feeds and speeds.


Physical Requirements/Working Conditions


  • The position requires the ability to lift 70lbs.
  • Employee is required to purchase basic tools as required by job responsibilities.
  • Employee is expected to work full shifts with the possibility of some extra daily and or Saturday hours.
  • Good attendance and punctuality are an expectation and essential function of all RMT, Inc. positions.
  • Commitment to high standards of workmanship, the production of quality products, and continuous quality improvement is an expectation of all RMT, Inc. positions.


Equipment/Machinery Used


  • Primary machine or machines of the work area.
  • Hoists, both manual and powered.
  • All secondary machines provided in work area for the deburring and finishing requirements of the parts.
  • Carts, baskets, boxes used in the transport of finished parts.
  • Standard tow motor.
  • Calipers, micrometers, bore gages, thread gages, and any other gaging required for the inspection of parts.



  • To assist in other areas of the plant as deemed by supervision.
  • To alert your immediate supervisor of possible unsafe conditions or broken/neglected tooling and equipment.
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