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Read Blueprints and Set Press Machine Accordingly

Press operators have to be able to read blueprints to determine how to set their press machines and perform the necessary calculations.

Monitor Machines for Irregularities

Good press operators can hear and see slight irregularities in their machine, which may indicate a mechanical issue.

Regularly Inspect Finished Product

Press operators are partly quality control workers. They periodically inspect the products produced by pressing machines to ensure they meet the specifications outlined in the blueprints.

Troubleshoot Machine Malfunctions and Complete Minor Repairs

Press operators have to understand the mechanics of pressing machines to figure out why a malfunction has occurred. If it’s minor, they fix it themselves; if it’s a major issue they hand over the situation to a decision maker.

Adhere to All Safety Standards and Regulations

This is a role that requires workers to be sticklers for safety. Press operators have to follow all safety rules at all times, which includes regular machine maintenance and keeping a clean work area.

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