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Job Information


"Operates within one or more area(s) in a continuous flow manufacturing process executing prescribed repetitive processes to meet production and quality standards. Performs routine inspections and basic preventative maintenance on equipment. Process Areas: Coiling, Foam Encasement, Assembly, Gluing, Sewing, Borders, Quilting, Closing and Packing.  

Job Requirements

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: * Follows all safety policies and procedures defined by the company safety program and OSHA regulations to eliminate work related injuries. * Manufactures sufficient quantities of quality products per specified standards. * Monitors the process using meters, gauges, valves, flow ratios, temperatures, pressures, and related controls and guidelines to ensure adherence to production/process specifications. * Reports any malfunctions or abnormalities and makes minor adjustments and repairs to equipment. * Assembles mechanical units, fabricated parts/components and/or electrical/electronic systems to make subassemblies, assemblies or complete units using hand tools, power tools, jigs, fixtures and miscellaneous equipment. * Follows established procedures for operating various conventional and/or CNC (computerized numerical control) manufacturing equipment for tasks such as cutting, punching, forming, drilling, tapping, turning, milling, and stamping to fabricate, form or shape manufactured parts, tools or parts assemblies from raw materials * Selects and measures raw materials and parts to specifications to prepare for production processing POSITION QUALIFICATIONS/ FUNCTIONAL SKILLS/ COMPETENCIES? *Demonstrates pride, ownership and accountability for Safety and Quality *Strong mechanical aptitude, analytical thinking and ability to problem solve *Excellent communication skills and ability to work in cross-functional teams *Ability and willingness to cross-train *Adapt to changing circumstances and priorities *Effectively solve targeted problems *Encourage and own a safe work

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